Starting The Four Hour Body regime

Gibsons, BC

As the New Year tolls around the world, and I send off messages to friends in other timezones, I have this building feeling about 2011 and just how bursting with potential it is. I haven’t felt this way every New Year’s Day, and perhaps I could attribute it to yesterday’s skiing in heaven-on-earth conditions, or it could be due to the last 8 days of food deprivation and headaches, and my reading some of The Four Hour Body.

What’s that? How could splitting headaches and bland food possibly make me feel good? Let’s take a few steps back. Having embarked on a herbal detox/cleanse just before Christmas with Kat, we found ourselves thoroughly affected by most of the potential side effects listed everywhere you do a search online.

In simple terms, this meant a quiet week, and a fairly simple New Year’s celebration – we were sleeping. This isn’t the end of the world, however, as many good things have come from it. It has led us through the path to finding Tim Ferriss’ latest work, ‘The Four Hour Body‘. (He’s the guy who wrote the 4 Hour Work Week – ’4hww’) and we had plenty of time to get into it, undistracted by normal things like sports and drinking, whilst we sweat and ached our way through the detox.

Fast forward and we are on our first ‘cheat day’, having decided that Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet could be not just the best low carb diet around, but could be the solution for a range of things we’ve both identified as ‘good to change’ in 2011. This includes muffin tops, wobbly bellies, lack of energy, a feeling of ADD while working, being stuck to know what to make for dinner, and the list goes on. Sound familiar? Probably – we’re pretty average mid to late 20-somethings who work plenty, play a little and like the idea of being in good shape.

We’re setting out to integrate the research in The Four Hour Body, as we really want to see what it’s like for us, and if those results listed are truly possible. You just never know until you do some things. My own 4 hr work week hasn’t come to fruition just yet, so here we go. We’ll be sharing our measurements, weigh-ins, thoughts, challenges, meal plans and of course all the cheat sheets and little helpers we develop along the way.

In a few short months, we intend to be fitter, stronger, leaner, and full of energy and enthusiasm. All of this, of course, is necessary for an extraordinary life, and one that has endless possibilities. No point having options if you can’t leap for them. Welcome.

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3 Responses to Starting The Four Hour Body regime

  • Lisa Moose says:

    My husband and I started The 4-Hour Body last week. Today is our cheat day. I’m sitting here eating fries from McDonald’s and couldn’t be happier.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog.

    We made it through the first week. Personally I’m very thankful that wine is allowed since it’s something I don’t think I could live without. Not in an ‘AA 12-step’ kind of way. More like I must have been French or Italian in a previous life and wine runs through my blood.

    So far it’s going really well. I have to say breakfast is the most challenging. I have a feeling I will someday very soon hate the mere thought of eggs.

    I look forward to following your progress. L.

    • Luke says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks so much for your comment.

      I’m so glad for you that the two of you have started it together! Kat and I are finding it really great to be able to ‘compare notes’ and learn more about the effect of food on pretty much everything in life. It’s intriguing, and a good education.

      We had some McD’s yesterday too! There’s something to ultimately opposite in that food to feeding your body with good nutrients, that it seems perfect for the cheat day! I really enjoy the fries, and Kat’s a big fan of the cheeseburgers.

      I really hear you on the wine – and I like your description – haha! Likewise, not in a AA 12-step way, I find a glass of red at the end of the day really enjoyable.

      We’ve been switching around our breakfasts a bit.. lots with eggs, but eggs in lots of different ways. And including things like cajun spices, and montreal chicken/steak spice has been good too. Alternates we’ve dabbled with include ham, turkey bacon and cottage cheese in fact. We’re really just aiming for that magic 30g protein within 30 mins of waking. A good helping of lentils and some ham does the trick. Though I do like eggs most of the time. Have you tried some tomato salsa on them?

      Cheers, and thanks for reading. Let us know how you and your husband are going! I’m on twitter @lucasstarbuck.

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