A whole new outlook! (AKA "Boring Food")

This type of eating and regime isn’t something I’m clueless about. Living with Luke has quickly brought me up to speed with lentils, beans, cottage cheese, and a full-on Gluten Free diet. I have to admit, I was intimidated!

Growing up I was always fed healthy, big meals. My mother was an awesome cook, and since we lived on a farm there was an endless supply of free-range eggs, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fresh cows milk, home-made yogurt… the list goes on. I milked the cow when I was a kid, collected the eggs, and started my first business raising meat chickens and selling them to our local neighbors. I grew up on good food.

Some of you might relate to growing up on a farm and having big hearty meals so dad could survive in the field for the afternoon. The one thing I didn’t take away from my experience was how to make those meals for myself. Not that I didn’t cook, but I definitely didn’t like to! I never knew protein, carbs, work-outs… there were just days of carrying buckets of water across our big yard, or walking the dogs. So, you can image that it was a bit of an eye-opening experience meeting Luke.

Over the years of watching him eat, I’ve grown used to eating healthier food than I was ingesting in University, but I still had my moments. Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Wendy’s… bread, bread bread. Oh, how I love bagels and cinnamon buns. I probably never realized my unhealthy life-style because SOMEHOW my metabolism kept up (other than the muffin tops that would show themselves every couple weeks). After a while, this December I knew that something had to change in our house-hold if I ever wanted the energy, mental clarity, and health that I had heard Luke talk about. It was time for the cleanse.

Granted, starting it on the 24th of December wasn’t the cleanse our friends imagined. “At least wait until AFTER New Years!” etc;. This didn’t bother us. We were determined. I was never expecting the shocks I endured throughout those next 8 days. Nausea, SEVERE mood-swings, sugar cravings so bad they made me cry in desperation, head-aches, complete body aching… I thought it would never end. Not to mention, Luke and I were not getting along very well either. icon wink A whole new outlook! (AKA "Boring Food") Finally, on the 8th day, on our way home from the city, Luke began reading a chapter from The Four Hour Body (Tim Ferriss). I have heard many diet pitches in my day but this one seemed different. Truthfully, all I heard at first was “take one day off per week and go nuts”. It was my dream come true! Then Luke read about the beans. As a good farm raised child, I didn’t have too many things I didn’t like eating. Foods that didn’t make that list consisted of liver, peas, and BEANS. And now we had to eat them in every meal!? Still, I thought the cleanse was pretty bad so off we went! We were now a part of the Slow-Carb phenomena.

Because of our 8 day on the cleanse we decided it would be appropriate to reward ourselves with our first “go nuts” day for the 9th day. I felt like I was in heaven. Cinnamon buns were back, Wendy’s, KitKat; there was nothing better than this day… except for this one important factor. Though the week before-hand was hard to endure, there was one thing that resulted from the bland food that I never imagined would/could happen: I suddenly had a sex-drive. In the 20-something years I’ve been alive I had come to terms with the fact that I was just one of those women that didn’t have sex-drive. And when I say no sex-drive, I mean I could be in the most intimate situations and honestly feel that it would be a better use of my time to get homework done. (Coming from the woman who does not like academics). Suddenly, on the cleanse, I was the one being turned down! It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before; and ladies, (and guys too) if you think you’re someone that just “doesn’t enjoy sex”, maybe have a look into your diet. Its like being told you’re blind and once you’ve finally accepted it, someone takes off the blindfold. And here’s the proof:

Day 3: began to enjoy sex, and from that day on, it got better and better and better!

Day 9: (day of going nuts on yummy-ness) I began to feel interested in sex and then it flickered off! It flickered like this (on and off) the entire night and quite frankly… after the week I had just had, this simply wouldn’t do. And, after just ONE day of eating unhealthy food!

I should probably end this large post, but I had to mention this phenomenal break-through for myself. If I never lost weight (which I have: 6 pounds in 4 days), and had to endure beans for the rest of my life (which isn’t actually that bad), I would be happy with the fact that I feel more femininely alive and charged than I ever thought was possible.

And I love it.

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3 Responses to A whole new outlook! (AKA "Boring Food")

  • Sarah says:

    Hey Kat, Which cleanse did you use? I am enjoying your blog! Thanks again. Sarah

    • Kat says:

      Hi Sarah! I used First Cleanse by Renew Life. It is really well known to be an over-all cleanse, and quite gentle. There’s a morning capsule and an evening one… lol… its hard to remember the evening one at first! Kat

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