No more nightmares

Sleep is not something that I enjoy. I’m a bit funny that way. You can’t get me to bed, I’m never done my day, but in the morning you can’t get me out of bed. Luke used to be the opposite; he loves mornings. He also sleeps soundly all night long with barely any dreams. I was always envious of that.

I used to have the most vivid dreams that haunted me the rest of the day, even to the point of me believing things had happened in reality when really it was something that person had said in a dream. It’s almost got me in trouble a couple times! My dreams weren’t usually nightmares, but every couple weeks I would have a series of nightmares that would continue night after night; the same re-occuring dream. With all of the vivid dreams I’ve had I’ve learned to be able to control them when I’m sleeping, how to wake myself up, etc; but, when these nightmares came there was no stopping them no matter how many times I had watched the horrors night after night.

I am SO happy to say that me eating healthy has brought on a whole new sleep mode. I’m actually sleeping! Barely any vivid dreams and a true feeling of sleeping like a rock. I wake up and my body could be cemented to the bed, I’m so relaxed into it. It’s wonderful.

I’m not improving on going to bed on time, unfortunately. The extra energy from the food isn’t helping. I gotta say though, every morning I find I’m jumping up earlier and more refreshed! I hope this keeps evolving into even better thing as I’m enjoying how much of a day I get!

Still working on figuring out if the coffee I drink during the day effects my mood later on. (poor Luke) Tomorrow I’m going to try no caffeine and see how I get as the day goes on. I’m going to miss it!

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4 Responses to No more nightmares

  • Luke says:

    As an interesting note to this – I had a couple of bad dreams whilst doing the cleanse. I suspect they went hand-in-hand with the headaches, aches, pains, etc, while my body was figuring things out. I am sleeping like a rock now, though, but like Kat said – bedtime is hard to find when you have all things energy, and mental focus available into the night. I’m starting to see how Tim Ferriss gets so many things done ;)

  • christine says:

    So you are not the only one that has noticed the lack of vivid dreams!!! On the nights I take the policosanol (spelling?), I have almost no memorable dreams. On nights I do not take it, the dreams come back, although it is not until the second night that they become very vivid again. Strange….very strange. :) good luck!

  • Justin says:

    Me and my wife are the same! Some days she wakes up and gets mad at me because of what I did in her dreams … LOL

    For the coffee, I have gone off it before, it is a week of headaches for me but after that much more energy.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Justin, it’s funny how aware we become of things like how coffee can change things.. I tend to stay away from it myself, also for mood reasons. But every now and then I actually crave the flavour. Interestingly, for heavy coffee drinkers, going to decaf can actually still produce the same reactions in the body, as it responds to what it thinks is caffeine coming in!
      Nice to hear that it’s not just us who find dreams creeping into reality!!

      All the best,

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