First week in review

Just one week. What a change a simple 7 days can make.

Hard to believe its a week, as it has zipped by. To say that I’m excited about tomorrow’s ‘crazy food’ day would be an understatement. In fact, it’s likely that I will dream about it tonight.. or not sleep. But more just for the variety, definitely not because I’ve been feeling hungry – that is one great thing I’ll say about this regime – I’m not left hungry often. Today was an exception because I made smaller than usual slow carb meals, and ate quicker than usual, which seems to have an impact. I filled the gap with a stick (yes one) of celery with almond butter. Did the trick perfectly.

It’s been a good week, of course with its ups and downs. Adjusting to the regular eating has actually been more like un-adjusting to random eating. Eating every 4 hours couldn’t be simpler. I love the schedule, it takes a lot of brain work out of it for me. I also love that I’m not planning like I used to, in my head, what I should be eating and when. Now, its a simple visit to the fridge, grab a protein, a veg or 2, and some beans from the cupboard. Spices from the rack, and we’re good to go in 10 mins normally. Simplicity working wonders!

I’ve toyed with the air squats, wall presses, and a new exercise I created which involves me straddling around a column in our kitchen, that lets me do a standup (not seated) row. Actually quite challenging, as I ignore my arms and so am basically moving my torso between my shoulders, from front to back. Try it if you want to hear clicks and pops in places that shouldn’t! Still, I’ve felt some aches, which means muscles are growing. I’ve also included a visit to the driving range, a couple of brisk, hilly walks, and 1 visit to the swimming pool, for a 20 minute session.

I’ve experimented with cinnamon in coffee, a teaspoon (1!) of cream in tea, lemon juice everywhere, new spices and have crafted my plan of attack for next week – Occam’s Protocol commences. I’m going to start the PAGG Stack too. Also I’ve been experimenting with 6 hr sleeps and 20 min naps – that’s giving me some extra day-time.

The news so far is that I’ve gone from a measly 155 pounds to a much healthier 159/160. I’ll confirm with weigh-in on Monday morning, as I’m surprised a little, but then again I probably haven’t eaten so healthily in a long time, I might have been undereating. It feels like I’m carrying less fat on my front, as I start feeling more muscle directly, though there’s nothing scientific about these measurements – I need to organize a caliper test this coming week.

So far, so good. Enjoying it, and enjoying the book. I’ve read most of it now, and have made lots of notes, some of which I’ll share in handy ‘cheat sheets’ on the site here. I found the workouts a little hard to internalize when reading the book, so I’ve pulled them out and noted their details. I’ll definitely post that for ready reference.

So are you thinking about starting? Or are you weeks into it? Or a veteran? Leave us a comment – we’re interested to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading, and remember to let us know what you’d like to see.

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13 Responses to First week in review

  • Alberto De Andrade says:

    Nice progress gaining 5lbs of lean mass, i wish i could follow the Occams protocol, but the suplements used on the protocol, i cant find there here in venezuela, i wish i could.

    Keep the good work!

  • Luke says:

    Hey Alberto,

    Thanks for your comment. Though the supplements are useful, I don’t think they are necessary. You can still do Occam’s protocol, without them, and just make sure you eat plenty of protein, and eat plenty of food in general. Or try the gallon/liter of milk a day to gain muscle.
    I have used creatine before, and have found muscle-gaining results with it, so if you can find that, you’d be one step ahead.
    All the best!

  • Alberto De Andrade says:

    Thanks luke, i will be trying to do that for Occam’s Protocol, thanks for the help.

    Also, do you think a vainilla protein shake after each workout is ok? I workout 5-6 times a week and it makes me feel better the next day, it helps my muscle to repair. So, what do you think?

    They dont sell Unflavored Whey here hahaha.

    • Luke says:

      I think the protein shake is a good idea, if you’re doing Occam’s protocol – Tim mentions sipping a protein shake starting just before he works out (because of the time it takes for the protein and food energy to reach his bloodystream = hitting that protein window after you finish working out).
      On the frequency, however, if I were you I would really considering reducing your frequency down significantly, even just for 3/4 weeks, and seeing what results you get. You might actually get more strength and muscle gains training less!
      All the best,

  • Shawn C. says:

    I am really enjoying your posts, Luke. You and Kat are doing a great job in helping to translate the disparate chapters in Tim’s book into actual plans for incorporating them into one’s life. The Cheat Sheets are a huge help! (I was wondering if I should start writing some when, lo and behold, I found your blog!)
    Q: Would you be able to put one together for eating on Occam’s Protocol that includes the slow-Carb base? I am still not clear on how it differs and, if one is using shakes, what type to buy. Time warns about the insulinemic response of dairy and also warns about the effects of too much soy. Is there a non-dairy, non-soy protein I should be sourcing? Is Whey fine? I am really not sure how to read through the spin and marketing on the various supplements. (This is one of the major reasons why I haven’t started the PAGG stack yet….each source of the ingredients says it is superior!)

    I am about a week and a half into this regime. My wife is doing her own, parallel regime that is far more traditional -workout every day, eat fewer calories, go to bed hungry. I think she is getting frustrated at my success! Even though I am only a week and a bit in, there has been weight loss and an increase in muscle definition (I have a smaller frame, and am in your weight range). What I have noticed, though, is a huge fluctuation in my weight across the 10 days, going from a high of 160.8 to a low of 154.8 in the first week and currently back at 156.8 (3 days after a massive cheat day…loved Kat’s post on the Sugar Hangover…).

    Have you seen such wild weight swings? When will my weight ‘normalize’ (if ever)? I started with the Slow Carb to cut some of the softness (Skinny-man belly) and also because it was the easiest to get started with – simple rules. I am looking forward to gaining lean muscle but am intimidated by the technical aspects and don’t want to mess up and add it all back as fat.
    One more Q: Do you think I can I approximate the exercises listed in my home with my free weights (dumbells), or do I need to get a gym membership?
    Sorry if I am asking too many questions, or asking ones which have been answered elsewhere. I’ve only very recently found this blog.)

    Shawn C.

    • Luke says:

      Hi Shawn, great to hear from you, thanks for leaving your questions!

      So, to start with:
      - We have an Occam’s Protocol cheat sheet here: It does include some notes on the extras to add on top of slow-carb. My basic plan to start with was: 1 protein shake made with water – 1/2 in the morning, 1/2 at night, adding 1/3 cup (before cooking) rice to 2x meals (Lunch 1 and 2) each day, 1 protein shake before and during a workout. I followed the workouts for free weights to a ‘t’. I quickly had to adjust (After 3 weeks or so) and add more food – so 1/3 cup rice became 1/2 cup, same with my morning lentils. And I started making my protein shakes with milk, to add calories – I wasn’t gaining 2.5lbs muscle per week. Still not, but am gaining now at least.

      Not sure if anyone’s weight remains the same day to day. At the moment, though, it’s probably more pronounced because you body is changing. Remember, weight doesn’t tell anything like the whole story. Measurements are good, and body scans are excellent if you can get one.

      As far as the exercises go, I used a 10 visit punch card for my local gym, to ‘test out’ the workouts and lifestyle. That lasted me approx 6-7 weeks, as I increased rest to 4 days between workouts for the last few weeks. I think this works out to be the most economical, however depending on membership costs, it may be worth it *if* you can do a month-to-month without signup fees or early-exit fees. I honestly believe in going to a gym to have that routine, and to use exactly the right weights. For me, it means less chance or injury and much more likelihood of my staying on track with my planned visit days.

      Hope that helps! It’s great that you’ve got started, and I think you’re going to get a lot out of it. Perhaps your wife will switch over soon..

      All the best to you both,

  • Ian Hopfe says:


    It’s neat to see someone at the opposite end of weight fight! I’m busy losing about 5 lbs per week and I plan to start Kettle bells soon and then after my weight is down a bunch I’m going hardcore into Occam’s protocol.

    Keep up the great tips so I can study them before hand!

    • Luke says:

      Hey Ian, thanks for your comment! Sounds like you’re having some awesome progress!! Congratulations. I think you’re well on track to having a totally different body to be living in! Fantastic!!

      All the best,

  • Sass says:

    am very new (day 3) to the 4HB and just have a quick question, how important is the 4 hour eating (yes I realise that it’s called the 4 hour body) I’m having a huge breakfast 2 eggs, spincah and lentils and find that I have to force myself to eat it all, I’m them having a huge salad, chicken lentils and or beans for lunch with meat, veg and lentils and or beans for dinner. I’m not hungry at all (yet), even when I’m eating. So I guess my question is are three meals ok for weight loss. I’m also dring lots of water
    Thanks Sass

    • Luke says:

      Hey Sass,

      It’s not critical, but stretching beyond 5 hours is starting to reach into some people’s limits of ‘starving’ mode, where the body responds differently to food and activity (not a good situation). Eat as much as you need to get to the next meal.. so you could try reducing your meal sizes, and seeing what size results in your just feeling slight hunger around the time of your next meal. Lots of people have had success with 3 meals, though 4 will make it easier to have even blood sugar through the day (able to eat less at each meal).

      All the best!

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