Starting Occam’s Protocol workouts

Well, the time has come for the next phase of our Four Hour Body experiment. Having gone through a fat loss phase, using the slow carb meals and nothing more, we’re moving on to more exercise, some supplements, and dietary changes.

Here’s a short list of what’s going on:

- Exercise – Occam’s Workouts with optional abs and kettlebells

- Limit of 2 cardio sessions/week

- Expected lean mass gain of 2.5lbs/week (for Luke)

- Food – Slow carb, plus protein shake, and quinoa in 2 meals/day (Luke)

- High protein, whole grains, low sugar (Kat)

- Supplements – PAGG Stack (from Pareto), L-Glutamine post-workouts, Creatine (Luke)

So, that’s quite a few changes, but they seem easy to add-on, especially when we’re not juggling lots of tablets. The Glutamine and Creatine are only included due to previous success, and I do recommend them, but I know it’s not necessary. 2 years ago I had successful muscle gains of approximately 10 lbs using creatine over 3 months, and a workout design for Adrian Brody that took him from lean to strong. It was a mixed, high intensity program, with a low number of activities, but more sets and reps than Occam’s. I can see how Occam’s works.. but the proof will be in the muscles, and the measurements. I will post before and after measurements as I go.

How are you finding your progress on your Four Hour Body? Are you doing kettlebells, PAGG, slow carb or another combination? I’d love to hear more about other approaches, as mine is approximately 50% diet, 30% supplements, 20% exercise.

All the best!

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8 Responses to Starting Occam’s Protocol workouts

  • What was the tipping point for you before deciding to start with Occam’s? A certain body fat percentage? An elapsed amount of time?

    • Luke says:

      Hey Stewart, sorry for the delay in replying to this.

      The tipping point for me was weight – I was down lower than I have been for years, and for my height I felt I was really pushing the lower limits of what was healthy (149lbs at 6′ tall). I was at around 12% bodyfat at the time, so I just didn’t want to lose any more body mass before adding muscle as I was starting to really feel a lack of strength.
      It can be different for different people; if you are losing a large amount of fat, then it’s likely you already have quite a good base of lean body mass underneath it all. As someone who hadn’t ever built up a lot of muscle previously, I was quite lean, but carrying fat.

      All the best,

  • Jay D says:

    Hi Luke,

    I can relate to your situation as it was when you wrote this post. My tipping point was at a low of 152lbs at 6’2 after years of running. I had also previously had success with the Adrien Brody workout (brainy to brawny I think it’s called). After reading 4-hour body, I am starting Occam’s Protocol this week and hope to hit 180lbs by April(2 months) then cutting some fat before summer. You look great, thanks for the useful information and cheat sheet.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Jay thanks for your comment. How’s your progress so far? I find it a huge coincidence that you mention the Adrien Brody workout – that’s the only other workout I got any real decent progress from in the last 5 years! It probably helped me gain around 5 – 8 lbs of muscle a few years ago, but that all eroded again thanks to swimming and running. Let me know if you have any questions – the hardest part I found was eating beyond what felt like the ‘right’ amount for my body. But in truth, this is the whole point – if you eat to just a natural level, you’ll stay at your current weight. The body is smart like that. So if you want to be 180, from 152, you gotta first eat like you weigh 165. Then, when you weight 160, you gotta eat like you weight 170 and so on.


  • Jay D says:

    Hi Luke, thanks for the reply. I’m a week away from the completion of my Occum’s Protocol experiment and very close to my weight goal of 180lbs… i’m at 176. Unfortunately, that number does not tell the whole story – while I did have impressive gains in strength and shoulder/chest mass, I also had greater gains in my midsection than I had hoped. On the positive side, I went from a 38″ to 42″ chest, but I also went from a 32″ to a 36″ waist and I’m having problems fitting into my pants. I have these fat deposits and dimples on my lower back that I’ve never experienced in my life. Starting in April, I’m hopeful that moving from the minimalist Occum’s 2-4 sets per workout to a program with more sets and less time between will allow me to burn some of that fat while maintaining the muscle gains. Any suggestions? I am considering going back to old faithful (the Adrien Brody workout) to get back into beach body form.

    • Luke Starbuck says:

      Hi Jay,
      How did this work out for you? What did you end up doing?
      The Adrien Brody workout is a familiar one for me, and one that I enjoyed. For those that don’t know it, it’s like a 5×5 plan, for guys who need to add bulk.
      Gains in fat, and even muscle, are more about nutrition though, not workouts. Once the workout base is ‘covered’ (hitting failure, adequate rest days), the details of the food are more important, in my opinion. Timed carbohydrates, intermittent fasts and loads of whole foods including vegetables.

      All the best,

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