New Slow Carb Recipe: White Bean Fish Cakes

Hello all! I thought you might be as excited as me to hear of a new recipe for the Slow Carbers out there! I’ve put together Slow Carb – White Bean Fish Cakes, and they taste AWESOME.


2 cans of light flaked tuna
1 can of white beans
half an onion (finely diced)
lemon juice
garlic powder (if wanted)
parmesan cheese (if wanted)

WHAT YOU DO: (begin to warm your oven to 300-320 degrees F)

Grab a mixing bowl and open your cans. Drain off as much of the oils and juices you can. Toss in your tuna, white beans, onion, a dash of lemon juice, bit of pepper, and a little garlic powder. (I also put a bit of Parmesan Cheese. Not much though)

Mash all it together as much as you can. If you have a hand held blender, this might be a great tool to use… I don’t have one, so I don’t know exactly how it would work. A standup blender seems to waste too much of the ingredients.

Grab a couple of cookie sheets and spread some oil of your choice and then grab the “batter”, make little balls (whatever size of cakes you want), put them on the cookie sheets and flatten them down to desired size.

Put your cakes in the oven!

Now, these ingredients hold a LOT of water so there will be a lot of steam coming off these. Be careful when you open the oven!! I can’t seem to peg down how much time they need, as the first batch had a lot more water in it, and the second was cooked too quickly.

Keep them at 300-320 degrees F and allow them to bake off most of that steam, but watch that the bottoms don’t get too dark, as then you’ll have a crumbly mess. icon wink New Slow Carb Recipe: White Bean Fish Cakes There’s a point where they will be the right hardness but not burnt! Keep a good eye on them.

We’ve worked it out that for a batch of this size gives you about 95g of protein and about 80g of carbs and 0g Sugar. So, divide those numbers up with how many cakes you get out of your batch and you’ve got your numbers! I made mine a little too small so they only end up being about 4g of protein each, but I’ll know for my next batch!

Have fun! And let me know what changes you’ve made! I’m so excited for new recipes! @katpenfold

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6 Responses to New Slow Carb Recipe: White Bean Fish Cakes

  • Christine says:

    I believe you meant to say 300-320 degrees Fahrenheit, not Celsius; 300 degrees Celsius is almost 575 degrees Fahrenheit. Other than that, the recipe looks great, and I can’t wait to try it!

  • Andrea Hutchinson says:

    Awesome … was looking for something new!

    I’m going to try to put a tablespoon of egg white to see if they stay more stable!


  • Dik says:

    Would spicing this up with Vegeta, see be OK? I used to add a kick to almost everything I cook with Vegeta… just a teaspoon to a meal for 4. I hope it’s fine, as I will be lost without it :-)

    • Luke says:

      Hey Dik,

      I don’t have great news for you. Looks like this Vegeta has a big whack of MSG included, along with corn starch. Both of these are definitely avoided on slow carb. MSG isn’t a great additive in any food – as it mixes up the body’s response to eating and hunger perception. Corn starch is pure carbohydrate and will quickly convert to sugar in the bloodstream, which is what slow carb aims to avoid.

      Try out some other herbs and spices instead! And go for whole spices, not mixes, and create your own blends.

      All the best,

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