Slow Carb Fat Loss – Secret Weapon Number 1

In the battlefield of fat loss, there are some common elements to any campaign. But, of course, that doesn’t mean that all the weapons at your disposal are obvious. There are some that aren’t discussed as much, and some that are downright sneaky to be found. Take a look at the first of the secret weapons that you might not have read or heard too much about.

It’s not being hidden on purpose, but I haven’t seen too much discussion about it online lately. How I came across it was partially by accident, but partially by design; I was researching other fat loss methods, and taking a look at some of the best results, and the methods used.

Though slow carb offers a great variety of food within its boundaries, I’m not sure that everyone goes exploring, once they find some easy to prepare options. I know I definitely have my ‘staples’ and only occassionally venture beyond those meals that I know are quick and easy to prepare.

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There’s a few reasons why sticking to the same vegetables is a great idea – primarily you get a chance to get real, baseline results. That means that if you’re working with the same few meals, then you’ll see, over a number of weeks, what your average fat loss is. This gives you a place to work from.

But there’s also some good reasons to include some variety – the food you’re eating could get less interesting over time and it might be harder to stick at it during the week, but even more importantly, testing out different vegetables, and seeing if they have any impact on fat loss could get your better results over a few months.

Testing what works best for you, and brings the best results for you, is a key idea in following the slow carb diet.

Recently, I’ve been testing a new ingredient to my meals, and the results have been fantastic. It works great as a batch-prepared food (read more about that here), and I have also been testing another secret weapon, which I will reveal later this week. Make sure you’re on the email newsletter list to be one of the first to read about it. (You can sign up by clicking here if you’re not yet getting our weekly newsletters).

Before I tell you what this secret weapon is (or maybe you scanned ahead?), I want to mention that you won’t know until you try it out for yourself. See if it gives you great results, and if it does, let me know!! I’d love to hear about your results.

So, time to let the cat out of the bag – most likely you’ve at least heard of the ‘cabbage soup diet’ and there’s a good chance you’ve tried it. I have, and I found it to be a very long week, to say the least. That’s because that particular diet relies on nothing much else other than cabbage for a whole week, and most likely you end up underfed, and irritable by about day 3.

Cabbage has some great health benefits, like lowering cholesterol (only if it is steamed), however, and of course, taking everything in moderation is how to get the best out of anything.

The concept that cabbage uses more energy than it gives you is one that’s been around for a while, and its something that was in the back of my mind when I traded broccoli for red cabbage a couple of weeks ago. Previously I’d only eaten green cabbage, but I find red cabbage nicer to eat, and it has around double the vitamin C of green cabbage, as well as having more anthocyanins (flavonoid phytonutrients) that act as antioxidants and also function to support the immune system.

I have found that I really enjoy the taste, and the texture too. I’m throwing it in stir frys, and also having it on the side of other meals. I especially enjoy it finely chopped and mixed in with with beef, as the saltiness of the meat gives it a bit of extra flavor. Add some of your favorite spices, and it’s very tasty. Filling too. The most healthy way to cook it is by steaming, where many of the micro-nutrients stay intact and can work their magic inside your body.

Just as importantly, I’m getting some great fat loss results at the moment, with a fairly standard slow carb diet, plus protein shakes made with water. I train with weights about twice a week, and run once or twice a week. Nothing too over the top – I’m at the gym for 30-45 minutes, depending on how much I chat, and my runs are the 20 minute Fast Cardio style that you can read more about here.

So go buy a red cabbage and get chopping! You’ll be amazed how many different things you can use it for – and you can cook it for different textures too.

Let me know if you have a great red cabbage recipe, or if you’ve got great results including cabbage in your slow carb diet, by leaving a comment below.

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13 Responses to Slow Carb Fat Loss – Secret Weapon Number 1

  • keira says:

    Awesome tip! I love cabbage but tend to forget about it. Thanks so much :)

    • mark says:

      hey guys…

      allthough my slow carb diet has slown right down and gone in reverse for a period (lack og motivation)
      i have used cabbage of any sort for a long time… instead og using iceberg salat leaves and so on, use cabbage (hint hint does coleslaw ring a bell)

      i eat most og my greens raw… not because i dont like to cook, because its convinient.. and more filling..

      redcabbage with wallnuts( any nuts will do) lemon/grape juice (or hole and peeled and sliced)
      mixed with pancetta

      all the best

      • Luke says:

        Hey Mark,

        Your idea with walnuts sounds great. I’ll point out that in general nuts are not part of slow carb, but for people who are really craving variation, a few nuts is a great option during the week as it won’t affect slow carb’s effects in a big way.


    • Luke says:

      You’re welcome! It’s one of those ones that doesn’t scream ‘I taste great!’ in the produce section of your grocery store.
      All the best, Luke

  • jpassmore says:

    Hmm I’ll definitely have to try red eating just cabbage and see how that works. Might do that next week, having it as my only veggie, see if it speeds up my fat loss.

    On another note, I had an idea for a series of posts (or maybe just 1) about the tricks, tools, and methods I’m using on the slow carb diet, and I was going to call it ‘My Weight Loss Weapons’! Coincidence, or great minds thinking alike? ;)

    I may change that title now, maybe not. It’s too cool to just let go :)

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  • mark says:

    chick peas boiled to the piont of still having a bit of a bite work fine too:)

  • Cireena says:

    So, I tried this for 1 week. My fat loss is quite slow, and weight loss is pretty much at a stand still so it was worth a try. I bought a head of Red Cabbage and worked through it during a 1 week period, without knowing FLSecret #2, I also used that ( I realized later) quite a bit to spice up the cabbage that week. I lost a whole pound on the scale that week, which for me is SO encouraging! Then PMS kicked in this past week and I’m up again, but I know what the cause is and know it’s not permanent. I went out and bought a head of Green and a head of Red Cabbage this week, and I’m continuing to pour on the Secret #2 which I love anyway. Thanks for the tips!

    • Luke says:

      Hey Cireena, congrats on getting going with it! Be persistent and you’ll get results over time – it works for everybody, at different rates. All the very best, Luke

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