Slow Carb Fat Loss – Secret Weapon Number 2

This secret weapon isn’t exactly a food, but it’s definitely not a supplement. It’s dosage is more like something you’d see on a medicine bottle, but it’s totally natural. Recently it’s been hyped up too much, but there are some very good reasons for including it in your daily slow carb diet.

Last week we took a look at the first Secret Weapon for fat loss, that I’ve personally been using recently. This week, I’m going to introduce you to something I became familiar with a couple of months ago, and have since seen and read about in a lot of different places.

Of course, nothing compares with being diligent and sticking at the slow carb diet, week in, week out. These secret weapons aren’t going to make fat melt off your body, like ice cream on a hot day, if you’re not following the slow carb regime. What these secret weapons can do is make the most of your efforts with slow carb food, and for some people, exercise, as well as contributing to better overall health and wellbeing. That’s a big win I think!

Fat loss secret weapon number 2 is not what most people would consider a food when taken in its most convenient and usual form. Though it’s definitely not a supplement. You’ll most likely find it in any local grocery store, in various forms, and it works well with a lot of meals. It’s fine for vegetarians and those with other special dietary requirements too.

Before I get into how and how much, let me first introduce to you some of the benefits from this secret weapon, and I’ll bet you’ll be heading to the grocery store, maybe before you’re finished reading this.

When taken, this substance will improve circulation, rebuild blood cells, help lower cholesterol, remove toxins from the blood and aide heart health. It can also help other ailments by rebuilding stomach tissue, helping heal stomach ulcers, and equalizing blood pressure, plus healing the gall bladder. There is also evidence that it could help fight certain cancers in the body, and it used to be prescribed by doctors to relieve fatigue.

Take a second look at that list above. Read it through again and consider the impact that could have on your body. Most likely, part of the fat loss assistance that comes from this particular powder is due to the fact that it can help restore health in your body, which generally means everything works more effectively, and you will feel more energy. Feeling more energy means moving more, just because you feel like it.

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve seen this small meal addition discussed in some of the popular magazines that appear on the racks at drug stores and supermarkets lately, however, the odds that they give fair and unbiased opinions are not good. They’re in the business of selling more magazines, and so they have ‘hyped up’ the potential of this secret weapon. I saw one magazine that seemed to link this one little change to multiple readers’ (huge) weight loss results. That’s dangerous, and I do not like the fact that this kind of media is published.

Despite the hype though, there’s great reasons to it. It’s not exactly the new kid on the block, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective at improving health.

I know I’ve been dodging around, so I’ll get to it – it’s cayenne pepper. In its ground form, from the spice rack, one can add it to meals easily, and its heat can be distributed amongst a meal of food. Some people take it in a warm glass of water – around a quarter of a teaspoon – and enjoy it’s benefits that way.

I challenge you to add it to your shopping list, and then add it to one meal per day, for the next week. See what you think of it. Lately, I’ve been adding it to almost every meal, including eggs, stir fry, etc. Having found a balance in my meals recently, I can’t attribute my recent fat loss directly to cayenne pepper, and I wouldn’t dare make such a claim, however I’m confident that it is contributing to my overall wellbeing, and I know that is definitely helping me feel and look great.

Have you made something delicious with this fat loss secret weapon? Or maybe you think this is all a load of you-know-what and you’d like to let me know? Leave a comment below!

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