New Grips Review Video: Save your hands – these are better than Workout Gloves

Are you lifting weights, hauling kettlebells or doing some pushups at home? I’ll bet sometimes your hands feel like they could really use a break. I know mine do. Callouses forming at the base of my little finger and ring finger on each hands prompted me to go look for a solution. And find one I did – this beats the leather gloves I used to have so clearly that I wish I’d had these 10 years ago.

To check these out, click here to have a look at their website.

I actually can’t believe I sat on the fence for so long in fact. I have used gym gloves by Harbinger and Reebok, plus lifting straps by Harbinger, but I always found something about each set up that was a little less than great. Using the gloves, I found where they were cut off left a spot that dug into my hand terribly, and over time, well, let’s just say they didn’t smell or look like roses. The lifting straps I did like using for a while, but I think they were putting undue stress on my wrists, and really they were doing nothing for my grip strength, which I think should be balanced with the other muscles you have (vs having overdeveloped muscles that can lift weights your own hands can’t – this seems a little more than impractical).

So, I went hunting.

I went through sports stores, supplement shops, gyms, and anywhere else I could think of (I even considered trying some stylish wool cut-offs, but figured the grip would be terrible).

Eventually, I came across some odd looking things one day, having seen a video with a guitarist using them. I thought of a guitarist friend who complained of sore wrists, and decided to investigate.

As it turned out, the wrist straps that were being worn in the video were easy to find online, and as it turned out, they were part of a weight glove replacement that claimed to be better than any glove. I was a little suspicious. In all honestly, the website looked a bit old, and I wondered about the quality of the product they were selling. One thing that stood out though was just how many people they had quotes from saying they had better experience with either the wrist straps by themselves (mostly musicians) and the grips as well.

I kept reading, and found that the product makers had included a lot of info about how people use them to do different kinds of weights, exercises and activities, but I was still not totally convinced. I was busy at the time so I moved on and didn’t order.

Fast forward a few months, and I was really starting to be bothered by my hands. Having increase the weight I can lift at the gym, I was finding more and more than even my skin’s friction was being challenged in some of the lifts I was doing. Ultimately, this meant that texture metal was peeling out of my hands, taking no prisoners on it’s way and leaving my hands sore and red afterwards. Not a fun experience, and not an inspiring idea to think of when thinking about going back for another workout.

So, I went back to the website (after some Googling to find it), and ordered a pair. I also ordered a pair for Kat, as her wrists give her problems playing tennis.

Having used them now for 6 workouts, I wish I had ordered them the first time around, actually I wish that I had known about them a lot earlier. I can think of a few times where weight gloves were necessary for what I was doing, but they were digging into my hand, making things very uncomfortable. I just figured there was no better way. Lesson learned: there’s probably always a better way!

Before I bought them, I had quite a few questions, and wasn’t sure that they’d work how I imagined. So I’ve put together this short video to explain how they work, and what I’ve found since starting to use them and get comfortable with workouts.

I highly recommend these New Grips for anyone who has wrist problems, carpel tunnel issues, and other problems like that. I also recommend these to anyone who is doing any kind of weight bearing exercise that involves their skin contact objects being held – whether it is weights, kettlebells or something else. These grips really work well, and provide instant relief and grip.

To check them out, click here to have a look at the website.

If you have any questions about them, leave a comment below, or email the New Grips people directly – I found they were quick on emails.

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6 Responses to New Grips Review Video: Save your hands – these are better than Workout Gloves

  • Stephanie says:

    I was a hammer and 20lb weight thrower in college and have been using my old hammer glove when doing heavy kettlebells. They sell them pretty cheap on amazon:

  • Shante hicks says:

    This product is super essential for my day to day life as I ride my bike EVERYWHERE and I weight train on a routine basis. After using this product for more than 6 years everyday, i can comfortably say that i would never even consider using a different glove; this product is second to none! Here in South Beach we have a huge population of bike commuters and there are 6 gyms in a 5 mile radius so it’s become the perfect gift for friends and family alike:-)

    • Luke says:

      Hey Shante,
      Thanks for your comment! It’s great to hear from someone who’s had long term usage of these and has found it beneficial. I know I don’t miss the days of weights workouts with sore hands. And I prefer these much more than regular lifting gloves too. South Beach sounds like a great place with lots of active people! I’ll have to visit some time.

      All the best,

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