Resolutions? Throw them away! (Your ‘Today I Am’)

Not to shock you, but if you made some New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to throw them away. Be done with them. Forget them and leave them in the past. It’s time for you to truly see past the ‘try’ phase and know what it feels like to achieve what you want.

Anyway, the stats aren’t in your favor if you’re trying to make changes based on a New Year’s resolution. Something like 90% of the changes made at this time of year fade away by February.

I don’t like those odds.

I like odds that are in your favor – odds that make it more than likely that you will win – that you will achieve what you want.

So here’s how to swing the odds in your favor – do it once and you’ll never need to do it again.

Look beyond typical advice

I realize that you’re reading this, and thinking ‘here’s another popular media article about New Year’s resolutions, and how we can all do better if we only try a little harder’, but I want you to stop.


And know that I don’t write for pageviews, I don’t write for an editor who approves what I’ve written and I certainly don’t have any corporate line, or popular viewpoint that I have to tow.

The unfortunate reality is that well written – or should I say – crafted – articles online these days often rehash the same old advice in health, fitness, goal setting, mindset, achievement, etc.. and there’s good reasons for that. People are comfortable with what is familiar to them – and people like to feel like they are well-informed and educated. So it makes sense that reading something that’s vaguely familiar hits both of those goals very nicely, and means plenty of pageviews, and ad impressions for any online publisher.

So here’s reality

It’s actually not that difficult to change and head in a different direction. Your life is in your control, and change comes from a shift in mindset. But not like popular media tries to tell you.

It comes from one simple thought – not a long and drawn out process, or a questionnaire, or a set of ‘tools’ to help you change. Anything like that comes after change has been made. Because change isn’t about what’s outside you.

Change is only about what’s inside you.

And what’s inside is a set of thoughts and feelings about what you’re doing, what you have done, and what you will do.

But before you tell me that you aren’t well enough to start a fitness program, or can’t afford to join a gym, there’s an important piece of information you might not have read in all of those ’10 ways to achieve your goals in 2012′ articles.

You are living with the residual of what has been in the past.

In all aspects of your life – you are living with the result of things that are already in history.

So today isn’t ‘you’ – today is the result of yesterday’s you. And that means yesterday’s habits and thoughts and feelings.

So today, you can go in one of two directions.

Either do things today that will make tomorrow very similar to today, or today, do something that’s different to yesterday. If you do the second thing – something that’s different – then tomorrow (the result) will be different.

But I’m not talking about ‘hitting the pavement’, or ‘pumping some iron’ or anything like that!

All of that won’t last, unless today you are different. In one tiny little detail.

It’s inside, not outside, it can’t be seen, or heard, however it’s much more powerful than even a year of workouts and healthy eating.

It’s a thought.

It’s the thought about who and what you are.

Finish this sentence

‘Today I am …’

An overweight person determined to lose weight?

An unhealthy person wanting better health?

Trying to find a cure for my obesity?

Wanting to be fitter and healthier?

Desperate to look better and feel better?


All of these answers will get you one result – you will be that same person, tomorrow.


Try this out and see how it feels:

‘Today I am so happy that I am losing weight’

‘Today I am feeling healthier’

‘Today I am on the road to my healthy weight’

‘Today I am an athlete in training’

‘Today I feel great, and look great too’


This is the only change you need to focus on. Make this change, and maintain this change, and everything else – all the other choices you make – are ‘downstream’ from this one. Because, we’re smart enough to make choices every day that will help to maintain the mental image and belief we have of ourselves.


Try some others on:

‘Today I am closer to looking like a Calvin Klein model’

‘Today I am on the road to astounding people with my youthfulness’

‘Today I am inspiring other people to be healthier’


I am challenging you.

Do not read popular media and get caught up in the belief that change takes a long time. Results can take some time, but change is immediate. Media needs readership, viewership and ratings to continue – it needs to keep you hooked in. That’s why there’s never a complete answer in any article, and that’s why you’ll never get the full story in just one TV show. That’s also why our culture revolves around media, because we always need the next piece of information.

This is complete – you do not need to follow health magazine articles over months to ‘discover the secret to being happy’ and you definitely don’t need 3 months of fitness magazines leading you to that ‘Hollywood body’ you’ve dreamed of.

Truly make a change, and you will find that the tools you need come your way when you need them. If you need some nutrition advice, you will seek it out, rather than be force-fed the latest pop-culture hyped up non-science they’re selling this month, if it’s workouts you want, you’ll find them in well research books and up to date special interest websites.


Now maintain your change.

I’ll bet you felt a shift already. That was just a glimpse. Now make it a habit. I’m not talking about some long-winded, 45 minute process that’s impossible to keep up every day.

When you’re brushing your teeth, or making breakfast, all it takes is that statement ‘Today, I am ….’. Set it up and maintain it.

And you’re set for the day.

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6 Responses to Resolutions? Throw them away! (Your ‘Today I Am’)

  • Cathy says:

    I’ve been doing the diet 3 months. I’ve only lost about 10 pounds and that’s where it stays. I’m a moderately active 60-year-old–I’m a teacher and an artist. I’ve done some of tim’s workouts intermittently and I walk 2 miles about 4x a week. My regular plate contains beans, meat and a lightly-dressed homemade colelslaw made with wine vinegar and a small amount of mayo. I drink two cups per day of decaf coffee with a little dash of stevia and a little cream. I drink lots of water. I look Great! by that I mean, my waist has trimmed down and so has my rear end, my arms and bust somewhat less. I don’t seem to be losing weight nor clothing sizes; I just look different in my clothes. Is it typical for a woman my age to show this type of result?

    • Luke says:

      Hi Cathy,
      Thanks for your question. Different bodies react differently, however, if you have taken any measurements, you might have seen those change dramatically. It’s typical for women to lose less on the scales, and see more of a ‘body recomposition’ – where some fat is lost and some muscle is gained. A lot of us, if following a regular Western diet, are low on muscle mass due to lack of protein and other high quality nutrients. Following slow carb, many people see gains of 3-5 pounds of muscle quite quickly, which would potentially mean you’ve lost 15 pounds of fat, and gained 5 pounds of muscle. The only true way to know is by getting DEXA or BodPod tests done at intervals of 3 or 6 months, to see if your body is changing. The other health benefits you may have had under the skin could include reduced blood pressure, increase insulin sensitivity (a good thing), higher good cholesterol and lower and more buoyant bad cholesterol. Thought once again, without blood tests, there’s no way of knowing.
      Your meals looks good – though mayo isn’t strictly slow carb and may have some sugar in it (well worth avoiding). Try switching the coleslaw for some green vegetables, like broccoli, spinach, green beans, kale, etc.
      The other tactic that is well worth following is to do more regular workouts – those in your age group can benefit immensely from regularly challenging your muscles, which will make them grow and maintain their strength. Now is an excellent time to start working out with weights, as the health benefits are numerous, and it is one of the safest ways to challenge your body. Workouts where you go to an absolute failure point in your muscle can lead to lower blood pressure, decreased risk of osteoporosis, better cholesterol, and a host of other benefits into the future. Working with a trainer who is experience with high intensity training would be ideal – or check out the book ‘Body by Science’ – it has all the info you need, plus a section specifically for people your age.

      All the best,

  • Sue says:

    Great ideas thanks just what I needed!

  • Great article Luke. I enjoyed reading it. Today I am on my way to loosing 5% body fat. Thanks to Tim and your website. I love this site it goes great with Tim’s book.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Michelle, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for your comment, and the compliment. We aim to do the best we can at helping people have healthier bodies!

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