Lose more fat with this antidote to stress

Stress, stress, stress. The word almost makes you feel more of it. So today I want to take a look at one antidote to stress that is proven to help reduce those stress levels, and in turn potentially help you lose fat that’s hanging around due to stress. Read on for the very simple antidote you can use every day (hint: it’s not exercise).


I’ll bet there’s a lot of questions circling in your mind right now. What does stress do? How much is too much? Why is everyone so stressed these days? What could I change to be less stressed? Why does stress even matter? And what’s all this about cortisol?


Well, here are some short answers to help you out.

  • Stress affect many systems in the body, by deploying hormones which act as triggers for many different processes, including fat gain.
  • Stress affects everyone differently, however generally speaking we all can feel if we have ‘too much’, as it starts to become a too-often feature of our days, and we might notice differences in our mood, our patience or our ability to concentrate and get things done.
  • People are stressed because we live in a fast-paced, demanding environment that we aren’t yet adapted to. Technology has moved much more quickly that our bodies have evolved, and we are trying to get by with old methods and systems. Imagine trying to run the new version of Windows on a laptop from 10 years ago!
  • There are lots of little adjustments that you can make to be less stressed. Either eliminating sources of stress, or finding ways to help alleviate stress are both good tactics. And stress can come from many sources – work, home, relationships, finances, too little sleep, too much exercise, along with lots of other sources. Common ways of reducing stress include exercise, more rest and recreation, doing fun things, socializing, drinking, meditating or enjoying a hobby. Most of these take quite a lot of time however, which can be hard to find.
  • Stress matters because over time, constant stress can undermine your health. It can reduce your immune system’s ability to fight of disease, and it can also lead to other long term chronic problems, as symptoms build up over time. One symptom is weight gain.
  • Cortisol is a hormone that everybody has – it’s levels go up when we encounter stress. Chronically elevated cortisol levels is something we want to avoid.

So, it looks like reducing stress is a great idea. But how do you do that when your day’s to-do list is already too full?

Well, there’s an option I haven’t mentioned yet, and it’s a great one you can do while you’re doing something else.

And it’s not just some wacky idea I had, or a simple hunch. This is powerful, and proven by plenty of scientific research reports.

The Results

Just check out these results:

  • The experiment group perceived less stress and had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.(1)
  • According to a Japanese study, stress hormone levels (ACTH and cortisol) were measured … patients (using this stress antidote) showed a drop in stress hormones by more than 50 percent.(2)
  • (this method can) decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and levels of anxiety in heart patients. (3)
  • (it) can help the brain by improving learning and memory skills (4)

So, there’s no doubt as to how successful this antidote can be.

Feeling adventurous? If you’d like a sneak peek at an example of this antidote to stress, click here.

So what’s the cost? Is it some new supplement, routine, or some tablet that you’ve seen on TV?

Not likely.

This stress antidote is much more fun than swallowing a pill, or performing some kind of special movement with your body.

So, it’s important to note that the method I’m going to suggest is actually something that almost everyone can do during their day, at some time, and maybe even more than once. It doesn’t have to cost you money every day, and you will be likely to be able to easily fit it in with everything you do – no matter how busy you are!

 The Method

Quite simply, this incredible stress-buster is listening to music. That’s right! Music. The more you like the music, the better.

It doesn’t have to be some special kind of new-age thing with organs and bird noises – simply listening to music you like will reduce your stress levels, and over time, this can have a real impact on how you feel.


  • feeling less stressed
  • feeling less depressed
  • being able to concentrate better
  • getting sick less often

And the list goes on.

Of course, we’re particularly interested in fat loss – and reducing stress levels can absolutely help this happen. If you have chronically elevated stress levels, then these can cause your body to gain or hold extra fat – fat that you don’t need! The human body is a complex system, but under conditions of stress, it sees having extra fat as a good thing.

So go ahead and enjoy listening to your favorite tunes – in the car, at work, on the bus or the train, at home while you’re preparing a meal, or doing some cleaning, and anywhere else you like! Combining great music with exercise works particularly well, but also try taking half an hour to sit in your favorite comfy chair or on the sofa, and just listen to some music you really like. Use headphones to be truly involved and undistracted as you do this, and you might discover your music sounds different to how you remember!

A Suggestion

If you’re looking for some great, relaxed, warm music to fill your life with some good vibes, and some catchy melodies for this summer, then you’ll probably love to check out ‘Love‘:

cover sample3 300x225 Lose more fat with this antidote to stress


Click here to have a listen to tunes from this great new album, and enjoy feeling more relaxed!

For those with a keen eye, you’re correct that this is Kat’s 3rd album, full of her new originals, that have never been released before!

Do you have a great stress-busting technique that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

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(2) http://faculty.weber.edu/molpin/healthclasses/1110/bookchapters/musicchapter.htm

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(4) http://psychcentral.com/lib/2007/the-power-of-music-to-reduce-stress/all/1/


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