Are you confused? Slow carb mysteries revealed

I’ll bet, if you are reading this, that right now you’ve got some questions, or at least a suspicion that you could understand slow carb a little better. And you know what? You’re not alone. In fact, I hear from so many people, that have so many questions about slow carb, that I wonder if there’s actually anyone who thinks they have it all under control. Which made me realize, do all of these questions mean that slow carb is actually a lot harder to follow than it seems at first glance? Read on to uncover the mysteries of slow carb, and understand much more.

Mysteries to me are like nagging thoughts. They come and go in my mind, but they never go away completely. And I find them annoying, frustrating at times, and confusing at other times.

I expect that you might have felt this way too.

See, mysteries are unanswered questions, but worse yet, they’re questions that you feel you may never get the answer to, and that’s the part that drives me crazy.

Some things are meant to have mystery – like magic, or TV ratings (do people really watch what the numbers say they do?).

But other things, like a lifestyle change, shouldn’t be mysterious, and shouldn’t keep you guessing.

A change you make, to your diet or lifestyle, should be well understood, and completely easy to know and follow.

So why then does slow carb bring up so many questions? Maybe because the rules are too simple. Maybe because it’s easier to say there’s 5 rules, when in fact there’s more like 25 rules. (Who would want to bother learning 25 rules!?).

It could be because once you start following it, you realize there’s a whole lot more to it than you expected, and than you might have read about.

So, this made me think – how can I take the mystery out of slow carb for you?

How can I actually make it easy to understand, and remove that frustration and confusion that you might experience when you’re doing your best to follow this lifestyle?

Let’s face it – if you’re putting in lots of effort, if you’re actually prepared to change your life a bit because weight loss is important to you, then you want to know what you’re doing is going to work, right?

I know I do.

There aren’t many things I put a lot of effort into that I don’t at least have a good understanding of, and a good idea that what I’m doing is going to get me what I would like. That’s just how people work.

But, if you start, and get confused, get frustrated, then you get doubts. And doubts can lead you off track, and you can easily end up back where you started. And I don’t want you there! I want you feeling great, looking great and really loving your lifestyle.

So I’ve done some homework. Firstly, I took some time to dig deeper into slow carb, and the science behind it. Then I read more widely – a lot more widely, as my curiosity needed me to fill in the (huge) gaps. Once I knew more, I knew more about the next things I needed to learn. Through this process, I understood my own body better, which I love, but I also gained a good base of knowledge that I can share.

And share is what I want to do! Because all this knowledge I’ve gathered is no good if I don’t pass it on.

So the next thing I did was start to plan how I could share this. There’s lots of ways, these days, and obviously this website is one of them. But I wanted to create something that was more comprehensive than a website can be, but easier to follow and understand than a book.

It was a pretty tough ask, but I decided to use my knowledge in video production to create something unique – a video course that not only gives you a complete understanding of slow carb, but also fills in the gaps, and the details that are missing. I also include answers to common questions, and plenty of practical how-to methods and strategies from what I’ve learned helping people over the last 18 months.

Put together, this program gives you everything you need to get started, have confidence you’re doing it right, get the results you want, and then – and this is a BIG and then – actually be confident that you’ll have the ability to keep the weight off in the future, and maintain your weight where you’d like it to be.

Let me say that again – my course includes how to plan for the future, and how to adjust your diet and exercise to suit your needs and results. And that truly is just the tip of the iceberg.

Because I didn’t like the idea of just presenting some information on video, I’ve also created over 30 Info Sheets that you can use to refer back to. They’re simple to understand, easy to take with you and cover specific, relevant details of this lifestyle.

Better yet, every module (there’s 6 of them), has an Action Guide which helps you, step by step, through the process of really making things happen right for you.

As well as these documents, there’s also Bonuses – including more videos, and an eBook that helps you eat out while losing fat.

But to me, this still didn’t complete the course, because this is all information, but it’s not necessarily going to connect with you. So, you will get a few emails each week, which cover important topics, summaries of modules, as well as some extra information that’s useful for you.

Of course, I realize that lives get busy, so I’ve included audio versions of the videos that you can download, as well as making the entire course work perfectly on Smartphones and Tablets, so you can access it how you want to.

Put together, this course gives you a complete knowledge, not just of slow carb, but of the principles behind it.

On top of all of this material, the course includes a free week of email support – so for the whole first week you’re able to check if you’re doing things right, by emailing a question. This could be a make or break for you, so keep it in mind!

What does that mean for you?

Well, you’ll be in a position to not only understand slow carb, but also make good decisions if you want to try a different approach (I realize not everyone loves beans). So, for that reason, I include details on alternatives to the bean-based meals that still use the same principles as slow carb. That’s really worth checking out.

Fast-foward to today, and I’m really proud to be able to share this with you. This course has taken months to develop, and I haven’t cut any corners. If there was a better way of doing things, I did it, if there was more research to fill in a gap, I did it. This course truly is a combination of what I’ve learned and how to make it happen in your life.

A quick confession

Between you and me, I don’t think they’re teaching the right stuff in schools.

So, because I think this information is so important, I’m giving away the first module completely for FREE.

Yep, free. There’s no catch, I won’t spam you or anything, and you won’t be entered into an overseas (fake) lottery draw. Basically, you’ll be able to get a sense of what this course is all about, easily. There’s a couple of downloads for you too. I’ll admit I considered keeping this all just for people who purchase the complete course, but I decided that this is just too important, and that everyone should be able to learn this, and check out what the course is all about, for free.

Check out the first module and see what you think. You might want to share it with friends – which is totally cool – I really want loads of people to learn this basic information that could help everyone be more healthy. It’s simple, and easy to follow, and its guaranteed to shock some people.

You can watch the first video by clicking here.

If you’re wondering about the level of detail I go in to, well each video module is around 1 hour long. So I cover a lot of details, which means you get to fill in the gaps and questions that circle around your head.

From my experience coaching people, and answering questions, I have a very good sense of the common challenges and problems that can come along, so I’ve designed the course to really help you through these, and answer questions as they come up.

So if you like getting something for free, because you’re interested in this lifestyle, I’d like to offer you the chance to watch the first module right now, and see what you think. I hope you learn something and feel like it’s worth passing it along to some people you know.

Watch Module 1 for Free by clicking here and learn about your body – how and why it stores fat, and uses fat for energy.

I’d love to hear what you think, and if this will help you on your journey to feeling great about your body.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the Panda… he looks about as happy as I am when I solve a crossword icon wink Are you confused? Slow carb mysteries revealed

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4 Responses to Are you confused? Slow carb mysteries revealed

  • Graham says:

    It is sad how people get out of school, even nutrition programs, is no idea what the science really says about what makes you healthy. You’re doing a good thing here, Luke!

    • Luke says:

      Thanks Graham! I really appreciate it.

      You’re right, and one of my larger goals is to be able to reach younger people at a point in time before they are hit with too much misinformation and/or ‘broscience’ from sports coaches, men’s magazines and locker room talk.

      All the very best,

  • claus says:

    hey luke,new subscriber here.was wondering if you could give me a bit of advise.
    i´ve been on the slow carb diet for approx. 1 and half month now.
    due to the place i live(a small northgreenlandic town)i havent got the privilege of multiple food choices.there is no such thing as organic foods here.all veggies are frozen.and it´s been a real struggle finding the healthiest foods.
    this is what my day looks like:(we use kilos grams and centimeters here,hopes it´s allright)
    breakfast: 3 whole eggs-scrambled with a bit of olive oil and half a measuring cup of proteinpowder(strawberry or chocolate flavour)
    between the 3 main meals i used to snack on almonds,but switched to hardboiled eggs a few days ago, after i found out that almonds aren´t really a part of the slow carb.
    lunch and dinner:approx.125 gr. of chicken breast(no bone and skin)and about 300 grams of mixed veggies with a little bit of olive oil and oystersauce.oddly enough i haven´t yet grown tired of this mealplan.these last few weeks my weightloss have been stalling.i hit the (in)famous plateau.this week(it´s saturday today)i changed a few things: i cut out the olive oil in my breakfast and i´ve been having a nupo meal replacement bar with caramel flavour(250 calories) in the evening(mostly because of an unusual sweet tooth this week)and boom!my weightloss was back on track.
    i´m 188 centimeters tall.this morning i weighed 82,4 kg.all my grown up life i weighed between 90 and a 100 kg. and approx.2 months ago i was around 92 kg.
    about 10 days ago i began to notice the beginning of a 4-pack(never in my life seen that before)which i understand is the beginning of the sixpack? the 4 pack is still visible(so i guess i´m doing something right)my problem is,i still have alot of fat around my stomach.standing up,i look great and slim,but when sitting down i can grap the fat and “fill both hands” with that disgusting is it possible to see your abs with that much fat still around your core?
    monday,wednesday and fridays i do the cat vomit exercise(10 rep),the myotatic crunch(10 rep) and 120 two handed kettlebell swings.
    although it looks like my diet isn´t 100% slow carb,i still have my cheatday on saturday( and i love it)and i´m trying the intermitting fasting on sunday(i read an article you wrote on the subject,and it makes sense).
    a few questions:
    i really don´t want to lose any more weight,but still wants to shred fat.i want the complete experience of the sixpack.Should i just keep going with what i´m doing or do you have some adjustments?
    So happy that i found you(i´ve been all alone in this)
    Yours truly

    • Luke says:

      Hi Claus, it’s been a pleasure working with you over email.

      For anyone interested in the answer here – please feel free to email me with your questions!


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