Tim Ferriss announces slow carb weight loss million pound march – $1M fat loss contest

If you’re thinking of losing some (more) weight with the slow carb diet, here’s a great incentive – Tim Ferriss wants you to, and he’s set up a contest with a phenomenal prize pool. To really kick things off, you can get some extra help, that a lot of people won’t have (see further down), plus find out how to get personal support from me.

The goal

Tim wants everyone to collectively loose 1,000,000 pounds, in the next 28 days.

To provide some extra motivation, he wants to offer a $1M pot as a prize.

He’s partnered with Lift and DietBet  to create this challenge, and it’s pretty straightforward.

Getting going

To get started, you need to use Lift - if you have an iDevice, if you have an Android, you can use the 4 Hour Body app that’s available.

If you’re using Lift, you want to search for ’4HB’, by hitting the + button, and signup for the 4HB habits you want to follow. It’s pretty easy, and gets you started right.

On Android, you can use the 4HB App and follow the same lifestyle principles.

The optional prize

Optional, but encouraged, then signup with DietBet, and drop $50 in the pot. Tim’s looking to get 20,000 in, and that will result in a $1,000,000 prize pool (!).

85% gets divided between winners, 5% goes to DietBet and 10% goes to Tim as the founder of the contest, but he’s donating it icon smile Tim Ferriss announces slow carb weight loss million pound march   $1M fat loss contest

How to win this thing

The next step is to get educated, and for this I suggest a few options:

  1. Read the 4 Hour Body (though it is 500+ pages)
  2. Check out our posts in the Fat Loss guide
  3. Read some posts on the 4HB Talk Forum
  4. Take a fat loss accelerator – PAGG is the best selection if you want to keep healthy
  5. Get iced! Use ice packs over your neck/shoulders in the evening, take a cold shower, or even get into an ice bath once a week
  6. Check out the extra help below for a massive leg-up
  7. Go at this with awesome nutrition, and some exericse – I suggest 4 slow carb meals per day, enjoy your cheat afternoon with low fat, high carb foods, and include 2 weights sessions per week, and 1-2 interval training sessions per week. For extra progress, consider a fast the day after cheat day, from when you wake up, until dinner (drink lots of water!).

Some extra help for you

If you don’t have lots of time – and who does – I have a solution for you.

Get guided through getting started, getting results, and making the most of this challenge – use step by step instruction, get all the knowledge you need and you only need 1 hour a week to watch a video. Forget about reading page after page after page.

And of course, you can watch the videos on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

FOR THESE 4 WEEKS ONLYComplete Bodyfat Control is being offered at 50% off the regular price.

You can go straight to check it out and get started right now by clicking here – Save 50% on Complete Bodyfat Control.

Of course, the sooner you get started, the longer you have in this challenge. And for the first week on Complete Bodyfat Control, you get one-on-one email support from me, myself. How useful do you think that could be?


An extra tip you won’t see elsewhere

If you have a friend, buddy, co-worker, family member, son, daughter, brother, uncle, garbageman, pool guy, contractor, or anyone else really that you can pair up with and hit this challenge for the next four weeks, I expect your results will be better than if you go at this by yourself.


What do you think of the challenge? Are you going to get involved? I’d love to hear what your goal is, and how you’re going to get going!
PS – You might also want to use this app to compare your photos, from when you start, and then weekly as you progress! Body Compare App – iTunes
If you want all the details on the challenge, you can read Tim’s original post here.

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