Easiest way to get in Tim Ferriss’ Million Pound March

If you’ve been thinking about joining the whole weight loss competition that Tim Ferriss has started, but you’re not sure you want to put your hard-earned $50 on the line, here’s how you can get in and get your entry fee paid for.

If you haven’t heard about the challenge, Tim Ferriss has put out a 1 month weight loss challenge, for people to follow the slow carb diet and see how much they can lose. He wants to collectively lose 1,000,000 lbs by the time it’s done.

And he’s made it a little more interesting, by teaming up with DietBet and settings the stakes high. Everyone who wants to can enter the DietBet contest, and the successful participants will enjoy a nice payday for their weight loss efforts.

The total prize pool is divided up between those who achieve the goal of losing 4% of their total body weight, in the month. So with that in mind, if you weight 180lbs, you’d need to weigh in at 172.8lbs at the end, and you’d get your share of the pot of money. Chances are you’ll get more than your original bet back.

Now on to the really cool bit.

Pareto Nutrition, makers of the best PAGG Supplement, have created a very short-time offer, to help you get into the contest, and get results, so you can be among the winners. But it’s only good until November 5!

If you buy 2 months or more of PAGG, you will get a massive $50 off the order, so you have the cash to put $50 into the DietBet contest!

Along with that, if you’re in the Continental US and choose free shipping, you’ll get upgraded to FedEx 2nd day delivery!

To take advantage of this great offer, just click here and get your entry paid for by Pareto!

I’ve written before about Pareto’s PAGG before, and you’re probably familiar with them already. Their formulation uses the best quality ingredients, and comes in capsules to ensure the best bioavailability.

And remember, this offer is only good from now until November 5th, so taking the opportunity while you have it is key!

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