Can you eat peanut butter on the 4 hour body diet

This question could make or break you. If you a fan of the gooey, creamy and crunchy stuff, then you need to read this – it could make the difference between losing fat or gaining!

Peanut butter is probably one of the most delicious things that has ever been created. At least that’s my opinion. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be thinking about it, and wondering if it’s compatible with the slow carb diet (four hour body diet).

So here’s the lowdown: the natural stuff could work for you. But there’s a couple catches.

Catch #1 – Tricks and fakes

There are a lot of marketing plays running these days to make the food we eat appear more healthy. This means that products get created by food companies that respond to the market’s perceived ideas about health.

Nothing to do with what’s actually healthy or good for you.

So, we now have on our shelves a funky kind of fakery – lower fat peanut butter. How do you make peanut butter with less fat if you’re a food company? Simple, you take a look at a jar, figure it’s around two thirds fat, and you replace some of that fat with carbohydrates. That makes the fat content lower.

The low fat peanut butters literally feature maltodextrin – a simple carbohydrate that replaces some of the fat in the jar. To achieve a texture that seems nice, they also have to do some weird chemical things.

Bottom line on this stuff – leave it behind, and feel great knowing the inside scoop on these seemingly ‘healthier’ products that in fact are just products created for people who don’t know any better than what magazines and pop media reports is healthy.

Catch #2 – Donuts

What have donuts got to do with peanut butter?

Icing sugar.

Most commercial brands of peanut butter include some kind of sugar in their mix, often times icing sugar because it has a nice smooth texture.

This brings peanut butter into the realm of a confused food, somewhere between candy and natural. Not a great combination. Kind of like a golfer who gets put on a tennis court.

The Peanutty Truth

Though peanuts are related to other nuts, and the almonds that are suggested in the book, their nutrition value is different. All things considered, however, if you’re using some natural peanut butter in the evening before bed, you’re not likely to see a big difference. But keep it to a maximum of 2 tablespoons per day, and in the evenings preferably.

Ultimately, the only peanut butter to even consider is a natural one. That said, lots of natural peanut butter doesn’t have salt added and tastes terrible.

My recommendation is to go with:

  • Salted
  • No added oils
  • Natural (preferably organic if possible)

The brand I’ve found that matches this the best is ‘Adams’. It’s delicious. Just turn the jar upside down for the first 2 days, to fix the oil separation that happens naturally.

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