Slow Carb Supplements

The slow carb diet is a great one to lose weight, stimulate fat loss and get some great results. But what supplements go along with this diet and help you lose weight faster? Check out the key slow carb supplements here.

If you’re on the slow carb diet, or thinking about getting on it, you’re probably looking for some great weight loss results, and without too much fuss or hassle. For that reason, this article looks at the supplements that can help move things along faster, but not to the point of you needing to dedicate a whole cupboard in your home, that looks like a pharmacy.

Supplement groups

The first group is the foundation gro up, and these are slow carb supplements that help you establish a great baseline of health. They’re listed here in order of importance – the first ones being the most impactful and important.

Fish oil – Responsible for helping in multiple ways, fish oil adds in a big dose of Omega 3, which helps your body at a cellular level. Buying regular fish oil capsule, you will have 1000mg capsules. The suggested dose for these is 1 for every % of body fat you are carrying, for 2 weeks, and then halving this number. So, if you’re 26% bodyfat, then you’ll be looking at 26 capsules per day (you can take these half/half morning and night).

Vitamin B – critical for cellular energy transport, you might feel a substantial energy difference if you’re low in Vitamin B. Look for a high dose B Complex to cover your bases.

Vitamin D – important for a wide variety of body systems, and a direct contributor to immune system. Take 1,000IUs for every 25lbs of body weight. Even in summer, if you work indoors, you’re probably deficient. In winter in North America, just about everyone north of Arizona can’t make enough through sun exposure.

Creatine – proven in research to provide multiple positive effects like increased lean muscle mass and reduced fat. Previously used by body builders, now being shown in very early studies that there may be benefits for brain health. Suggest taking 3g morning and night (use 5g of the powder in water).

Greens – There are a number of different greens supplements. These cover your bases if you’re not including 2 big servings of green vegetables with each meal, or if you’ve just started on a weight loss regime. I suggest doing recommended servings as per the label, and using a full tub/container of this stuff as a primer in a weight loss journey.

PAGG – The key combination that accelerates fat loss – 4 supplements that work together (in synergy) to help fat cells empty, shrink, not refill and ultimately die off, plus more energy go into muscle cells. All great things for fat loss, and this combination is naturally derived, and definitely not a stimulant. No effect on heart rate, breathing, temperature which is superior to many fat loss supplements on the market. I recommend the PAGG capsules that are advertised on this site – they are the only one in a capsule, and the only ones that have independent ingredient testing done to verify quality. I have personally interviewed the founders of the Pareto nutrition company and trust them with my own body’s health.

These are the key supplements that I suggest. There are obviously more, for sleep, hormone balance and the like, however I think keeping things simple, and sticking with the big wins is a great way to get started. If you’re interested in the more specific supplements, I suggest referring to the details in the book – it’s an excellent reference.

Taking the above supplements, together, will most likely give you noticeable results in energy, mood and fat loss. Selectively taking the baseline ones and then one of the extras, like PAGG or Greens, will most likely still give you measurable, noticeable results.

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