Using Ice to Burn Fat

How can burning and ice be in the same place? Incredibly, ice can have a connection with burning fat – and burning it fast! Check out the details and get accelerated weight loss.

There’s some science behind burning fat, and how ice can help, but I’m going to keep it simple.

You have 2 kinds of fat – brown fat and yellow (or white) fat.

Brown fat surrounds your organs, and keeps your core temperature where it needs to be. It’s incredibly important and helps you stay healthy.

Yellow fat is often found near the surface of the skin, but also occurs around organs in people who are obese. Yellow fat is, generally speaking, additional stored energy and is not necessary to be healthy.

If we’re aiming to lose weight and get in shape, we want to lose yellow fat.

Yellow fat is used for energy when we eat less than the energy we require, assuming that insulin isn’t blocking the release of energy from fat cells. (Insulin is released when we eat carbohydrates or sugars, and it stops fat cells from breaking down and releasing energy back into the blood stream).

Ice has the effect of cooling us down, which is important for one reason: we need to use energy to warm back up again.

This is especially true if we’re immersed in water that’s cooler than our core temperature. This is why an elite swimmer like Michael Phelps needs 5-6 times the amount of food energy every day than an average person – he’s immersed in cold water for 4-6 hours per day and needs to stay warm, in addition to the training he does and the energy that demands.
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The missing link is the brown fat. It is partially responsible for temperature regulation, and to increase temperature, it burns yellow fat as it’s energy source. This means if there’s a temperature change, brown fat tells the body to start releasing some yellow fat so that the body can maintain it’s temperature.

The specifics of this mean that applying ice to the body, or having cold showers (or swims) can lead to accelerated fat loss.

The results in fact can be dramatic, and fat loss can increase in speed significantly.

What this all means for you is that you can lose fat faster than usual, with some careful application of ice. And you don’t need to freeze to do it!

The most effectively applications of ice are:

  • an ice pack held on the base of the neck/upper area of spine between upper shoulder blades for 15 minutes – in the evening for maximum effect
  • having a cold shower and focusing water in the region described above- morning and night for maximum effect
  • going to the extreme of having a cold/ice bath. This is not for the faint of heart! And also not necessary, as the above options will have a big effect.
Get started with some ice today and start keeping a careful eye on your weekly fat loss results. You might see it speeding up!

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