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@KatPenfold and @LucasStarbuck have lived the information found in The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.

As average 20-somethings who work lots, play some and like the idea of being in good shape, both Luke and Kat followed the principals to achieve their goals. These included a vanishing muffin top, losing fat, gaining strength, adding 15 pounds of muscle, getting better mental focus and enjoying healthier living. Starting with the basic, slow carb diet, which has been rated by many people as the best slow carb diet available, they included other principles discussed in the book, including training, sleeping and supplements.

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Follow their progress through the blog archives, and learn from both of their experiences along the way. Or checkout the Guides, and Popular Topics to learn more and achieve your goals. They both have shared slow carb meal plans and high protein recipes, which follow the 4 hour diet for fat loss, Four Hour Body training workouts, thoughts, reactions and ideas to the changes, and also the hacks, cheats and aides they developed and found.

What is The Four Hour Body?

The Four Hour Body is a book written by Tim Ferriss, based on about 10 years (more actually) of his life, testing a huge variety of foods, supplements, training regimes, and consulting many, many researchers, experts, doctors and others in his quest to find the ‘hacks’ of the human body. Hack here is used meaning the most efficient way to achieve a desired goal. So, rather than fumbling through 1.5 hours of weights training, for example, Tim has found minimal ways to train for just 1-4 hours per month, that still prompt all the muscle growth people want. That is just one example.

4hourbodybook 210x300 About UsThere are chapters on sleeping, eating, sex, strength, reversing injuries, and more, and the book is an easy read. The information is well organized, and entertaining, whilst being highly practical and informative. Tim enjoys the benefit of not being a research fellow tied to academic formulas for success, as he is already independently wealthy, and so his research comes purely from his own interest. This means his methods can be a little more unconventional as he digs to the bottom of a particular field.

The majority of the suggestions in the book are quite easy to follow and easy to incorporate into a regular lifestyle, though there are some things, like ice baths, and napping 4 times a day that most readers will find a little too far beyond normality. This doesn’t mean you need to be committed on some extreme level, however, as the book naturally offers various gradations of involvement. Highly recommended – Buy it today.

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