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Learn more tips and tricks

Here’s a collection of articles that fall under the ‘more information’ category. Not just covering 4 Hour Body questions, but also going a little deeper into other health questions that might be on your mind – from asthma to why we get fat. You’ll find a lot of answers here, that you’ll be glad you have. Articles will open in a new window so you can easily get back to this page.


4 Steps to Feel More Alive in 10 minutes

The Low Down on Calcium Supplements

5 Slump-Beating Steps to Afternoon Energy

The Missing 4HB Chapter: Curing my asthma in 1 week

New Grips Save your hands from workout injuries

How to Save 4 Hours in the Kitchen – Every Week


Workout Better and Easier for $6.86


Slow Carb Secret Weapon Number 1

Slow Carb Secret Weapon Number 2


Ice Therapy – 5 Easy Steps to increase fat loss this week


Tutorial: Log your food the easy way – by photo!


Why We Get Fat – Finally Understanding the Process

Why the Food Pyramid Makes Me Angry

10 Responses to Learn more tips and tricks

  • Pat Shumway says:

    Hey, ya’ll! My husband and I are brand new to the diet and committed to improve our health. I have a problem you’ve likely already covered. I have always disliked, no,
    detested beans. It’s the texture that I have the most trouble with. My only work-around is to put them in soup, where I can just swallow them instead of biting into them. Does anyone have any tips for me?

    • Luke Starbuck says:

      Hey Pat thanks for your comment.
      The tip I have for you is to use more lentils, and also to cook foods where beans are an ingredient, but not detectable, like your soup idea.
      I have posted a recipe for a slow carb slice that includes lentils, and could include beans and all sorts of vegetables, and other goodies, and can be made into a loaf, or muffins. That might be a great help for you!

      All the best,

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