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4. Taking Measurements and Photos

Getting started on the right foot is important for lots of reasons. Part of getting started includes taking those sometimes-dreaded measurements. But there’s a good reason! Being able to check back against that starting point, at times, is important. So is keeping your eye on the goal ahead though. Check out this article on how to use your before photos and measurements for best effect.

3 Reasons Before and After Photos Could Slow your Fat Loss

The best thing about measuring, is that it sets up a good habit. Too many times it’s possible to feel discouraged if you’re trying to mentally compare your progress. We play tricks on ourselves when we do this! Numbers and photos don’t lie, and are trusted references. Try to organize a BodPod test, or a hydrostatic weighing. Alternatively, a DEXA scan is a good option too.




Click Here for the Orbitape


Accumeasure calipers

Click here for the Accumeasure Calipers


Escali Bioimpedance Scales

Escali Bioimpedance Scales



DEXA Scans:

Google “Dexa body fat” plus your city. Also try “DEXA” and your zip code. Also try “bone density testing” and “osteoporosis testing” – but make sure the facility you select also offers body fat measurement.

BodPod tests:



Book Chapters:

“Elusive bodyfat: Where are you really?

“From photos to fear: Making failure impossible”

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