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7. Having a Great Cheat Day

Cheat day is one of the favorite parts of any slow carber’s week – and for good reason! Save up all those cravings you have during the week, and get crazy on your cheat day! Starting with a slow carb breakfast is perfect – and this is a detail some people miss. Get going with all the other food you’ve been missing at lunchtime, and continue until you go to bed. It’s critical that after a night’s rest though, that the next day is 100% slow carb.

Expect some weight gain after cheat day – this could be water, or a bit of fat, but generally comes off, and then some, by Tuesday or Wednesday (if your cheat day is Saturday). Be sure you drink plenty of water, and include some exercise if its part of your program.

Grab this great “Cheat Sheet” to refer to before and during your cheat day:

4 Hour Body Cheat Sheet – Cheat Day

Here are some articles to help you have a great cheat day:

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