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Have a Great Cheat Day

Cheat Days are some people’s favorite part of the slow carb diet, and with good reason! It’s the time to let your hair down, and enjoy the foods that you’ve been avoiding through the week. Some people call them ‘reward days’ other people call them ‘feeding days’, and I’ve heard someone call them ‘go-nuts day’.. and no matter what you call it, it adds up to some fun. The book does a great job of highlighting Tim’s famous cheat day, but it’s important to realize that cheat day is all about you, and what you would like to eat. There’s no need to hit a certain number of calories, or eat certain types of foods. It’s a chance for your body to experience something different – so as long as it’s a larger amount of calories than during the week, and as long as the foods are different, you’re doing well. There’s some important things to know about cheat day, many of them have to do with ‘avoiding damage’ – that is, limiting the amount of fat you gain over the day. Many people go up on the scale by a few pounds, but some of this is water, due to the change in food. Most people do gain some fat as well, however there are measures you can take to really limit this significantly. These include some small exercises, and some supplements. Check out the following for answers to your questions, and to make the most of your cheat days, without taking 2 steps backward in your fat loss. And remember to drink lots of water!

Here’s all you need for cheat day.

  1. Handy Reference Sheet

  2. How-To, Tips, Tricks and Pointers

  3. Damage Control

  4. Best Foods for Cheat Day

  5. Common Effects from Cheat Day

  6. Common Questions (FAQ) about Cheat Day

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