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Cook Tasty Slow Carb Food

Beans, lentils, eggs, chicken, turkey, spinach, broccoli.

That’s 90% of my meals right there, in some combination. Add in some spices, curry powder, pepper, lemon juice, or something random, and you have yourself a meal.

Not surprisingly though, my style of cooking isn’t to everyone’s tastes. Well, what I mean is, the results are to everyone’s tastes (I’ll pretty much eat anything that I’ve made, despite any flavor accidents).

There are of course, plenty of ways to get stuck in a rut with the slow carb diet. But these follow articles and websites prove that there’s more than a few ways to cook great, appealing and appetizing food using the slow carb ingredients list.

Check out these Recipes

Slow Carb Chai Salmon and Black Beans

Slow Carb Hamburgers

Slow Carb White Bean Fish Cakes

5 Delicious Four Hour Body Breakfast Recipes

Slow Carb Chocolate Brownie Recipe


Here’s 5 Slow Carb Cooking Videos to watch (from our Couples Challenge):

5 Slow Carb Cooking Videos to watch


And check out our meal ideas photo page, and our meal diary for some variations:

Meal Ideas in Photos

Slow Carb 2 Week Food Diary – every meal!



Plus, here’s a collection of slow carb recipe resources you might want to check out:

Tim Ferris’ slow carb cookbook number 1: http://robbwolf.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/The-Slow-Carb-Cookbook.pdf


Amazing collection of Slow Carb recipes: http://www.4hourrecipes.com/recipes/





8 Responses to Cook Tasty Slow Carb Food

  • Katie says:

    How do you get enough protein if you don’t want to eat meat more than once a week and don’t want to eat eggs with every meal?

    • Luke says:

      Though some people may say you’re painting yourself into a corner, I think it’s possible. But its definitely 100x more challenging that regular slow carb. Most likely you’ll be using a combination of rice protein isolate, whey protein isolate or concentrate, and tofu.

      All the best,

  • tammy wee says:

    I am new to the 4HB diet. Can you tell me if muscle milk is an acceptable breakfast??

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